Here’s what some of our most valued clients had to say about us!

I have been going to Bonnie religiously now for the last 10 months for chemical peels and Endermologie. Bonnie is very knowledgeable and very compassionate! She also gives me the results I demand!  She is by far Austin’s best kept secret! If you haven’t been in to see Bonnie yet, you are really missing out! Best Aesthetician and Endermologist in Austin, HANDS DOWN!


I received the most incredible facial treatment with Bonnie Gilliam today.  She has this new face machine from LPG – Facial LiftMassage, the same people who are behind the technology of Endermologie.  I knew nothing about the machine or the facial treatment before the treatment was preformed so really had no idea what to expect.

Bonnie had me lay on a, heated by an “Amethyst crystal pad”, massage table.  Very comfy.  First she removed my make-up and then using a small hand held wand, programmed to deliver small bursts of very slight suction and rollers. She swept a row of slow strokes from my jaw line to my cheek bones then around my eyes. She then programmed the machine to do different functions.  Like one setting was for loose skin, another for lymph drainage.  Bonnie told me that it would help stimulate the fibroblasts to produce all the good stuff we loose with hormone changes and aging.  The treatment was very relaxing but the results are amazing.  I literally looked like I had had an expensive laser skin tightening treatment. 


As a fitness professional, I have to keep my body in great shape.  Diet and exercise are definitely a part of that; however LipoMassage has really helped contour my body like nothing else I’ve tried. The treatments not only help keep my trouble areas smooth and toned, but also release toxins making me feel and look better overall. Bonnie wants to make sure that you get the absolute best results possible. She is extremely professional, caring and the best Endermologist I have ever seen.


I’ve used various estheticians in the past, and I can truly say that Bonnie is by far the best! Her technique maximizes results, which is important when your career depends on looking your best every day.  Bonnie is supportive and really takes the time with each client – Bonnie does it right!


Getting rid of the cellulite has always been a battle for me; I’ve tried everything. I was actually considering liposuction until a friend told me about Bonnie. I’d heard about Endermologie for years but never given it a try. Bonnie put me on a program of Endermologie sessions accompanied by suggestions on regular workouts, a healthy diet and lots of water.

After only 3 sessions I saw amazing results and now at 10 sessions I’ve lost 3 inches off my hips and my thighs and my rear are so much smoother. I must confess it was tough sticking to the diet part, but I did do light cardio 4-5x/week, light resistance training 3x per week and was religious about drinking water.  I recommend Westlake Endermologie to anyone who wants to finally get rid of those unwanted inches and cellulite. It’s worth absolutely every penny. Thank you Bonnie!